Inscription of Hope Concert Financial Report

Sound Singers wish to express our gratitude to those who attended our Concerts on November 2nd and 3rd. Your generous donations will be used to help people in need. We appreciate you kindness and it is our hope that these funds will “make a difference”.

Here is the information on what donations were received and how the money was distributed.

Update: we received donations after the concerts and finally sent donations out at the beginning of December. The following report reflects after-the-concert donations.

Cash Donations  $1,252.00
Check Donations  $950.00
Total Donations  $2,202.00
Bake Sale
Bake Sale Proceeds  $186.00
Total Donations/Proceeds  $2,388.00
Printing, Color Copies  $(15.00)
Programs ($64.33 donated by members)  no charge
Concert Favors ($26.17 donated by members)  no charge
Bake Sale Items (? donated by members)  no charge
Total Net Proceeds  $2,373.00
Japan Benefits (c/o Japanese Baptist Church)  $1,286.50
Food Bank (c/o Our Saviors Lutheran Church)  $1,086.50

Northwest Language Academy – 6/23/12

Our 4th trip to Whidbey was fun and a good experience.  Riches of Japan event was held at the NWLA Cultural center, which was surrounded by the beautiful nature in Langley. There were Kimonos, Japanese quilts and fiber arts displayed at the event. The traditional Japanese dinner looked delicious along with performance by Taiko drummers, koto and shakuhachi, etc.  We were able to perform our numbers; Believe, Kojo no Tsuki, and Ue wo muite aruko. It was a fun trip and wish we can attend as guests next time.



English Translations:

Whenever you are down and feeling hurt
I will be at your side, supporting your shoulders.
The earth turns, carrying all our hopes.
Now is the time to open the door to the future.
Sorrow and pain will someday turn into happiness.
I believe in the future, I believe..

If someone near you is about to cry,
You would hold their hand and
Comfort them as you walk together, right?
I want to wrap up this Earth with
All the kindness in the world.
If we could all be honest now,
Love and dreams would burst into the sky, shining.
I believe in the future, I believe…

Now is the time to open the door to the future.
I believe in the future, I believe…

Youtube link
Youtube link
Youtube link

Songs of Hope (Japan Benefit Concert) – 3/11/12

March 11, 2012 was the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that caused so much damage in Japan. We have a continuing desire to help those who were impacted. We try to do what we can to help.

We were happy to join together with Echo Chorus, Evergreen Glee Club, and about 60 volunteer singers (many who had never sung with a choir before) to participate in the Chorus of Hope benefit concert on March 11 of this year. It was a great event that we very well attended. Sound Singers performed 3 numbers and then joined with the other chorus groups and volunteer singers to sing the final two numbers. All of the singers together created a 120+ person choir. Singing as part of a large choirs was an exciting experience for the singers and the audience.

Our next charity concert will on March 24 as participants in the “We Are One” benefit concert sponsored by the Whidbey Japan Benefit organization.

Coming of Age Ceremony – 1/21/12

This is the 3rd year that we have joined together with Everett Community College to celebrate the “Coming of Age” ceremony. We enjoyed being a part of this wonderful event. This year we sang:

Daichi Sansho
Hamabe no Uta

Everyone had a lot of fun and we look forward to being able to work with Everett Community College again in the future.

Welcome to Sound Singers!


Sound Singers Japanese Chorus is located in the Mukilteo/Lynnwood area of Washington State (about 25 minutes north of Seattle).  If you are interested in joining us please visit the “Contact Us” page to get more information. We love making new friends!