Rehearsal videos on 10/25/12


Earth Song – Inscription of Heart – Sakura

Moldau – Afternoon on a Hill

Ue wo muite aruko – Itsuki no KomoriUta

Hanasaku Hibini – Mae e

Song From Secret Garden

Ave Maria – Kojo no Tsuki

How Can I Keep From Singing – Ose Shalom

Believe – Tsubasa wo Kudasai

Inscription of Hope

Itsumo Nando Demo

~message from Masako~
“Notes from watching me singing Itsumo nando demo”
The beginning of the song needs more improvement. I never do well on this.
Improve the pitch, especially D5 which is the important key for this song.
The tempo became a little too fast in the second verse. I should slow down toward the end of the song.
Relax more, and put more emotions and expressions into the song. Try to express “freedom” particularly when singing “La, La, La……..Ho, Ho, Ho…”
“Lock my hands”. The hand movements are too destructing.
Add a few effective gestures to give more expressions to the audience.
and more….

Rehearsal videos on 10-11-12


Earth Song

Inscription of Hope



Afternoon on a Hill

Ue wo muite aruko

Itsuki no Komori Uta

Hanasaku Hibini

Bist Du Bei Mir


Mae e

Ave Maria

How Can I Keep From Singing

Ose Shalom


Wings to Fly

Inscription of Hope(reprise)

Lynnwood library “Tanabata” storytime – 7/6/12

This “Tanabata” storytime event was held at Lynnwood library on July 6. We were invited to come sing some Japanese children’s songs for Tanabata. We had so much fun celebrating “Tanabata” through singing songs and listening to a tanabata story from Miho-sensei. Many Japanese children and families were there to paticipate in this event.
We sang “Tanabata”,”Kirakira Hoshi”,”Natsu wa Kinu” and “Ware wa Umi no Ko”.

Northwest Language academy – 6/23/12

Our 4th trip to Whidbey was fun and a good experience. Riches of Japan event was held at the NWLA Cultural center, which was surrounded by the beautiful nature in Langley. There were Kimonos, Japanese quilts and fiber arts displayed at the event. The traditional Japanese dinner looked delicious along with performance by Taiko drummers, koto and shakuhachi, etc. We were able to perform our numbers; Believe, Kojo no Tsuki, and Ue wo muite aruko. It was a fun trip and wish we can attend as guests next time.

Believe – Kojo no Tsuki – Ue wo muite aruko