Inscription of Hope Concert Financial Report

Sound Singers wish to express our gratitude to those who attended our Concerts on November 2nd and 3rd. Your generous donations will be used to help people in need. We appreciate you kindness and it is our hope that these funds will “make a difference”.

Here is the information on what donations were received and how the money was distributed.

Update: we received donations after the concerts and finally sent donations out at the beginning of December. The following report reflects after-the-concert donations.

Cash Donations  $1,252.00
Check Donations  $950.00
Total Donations  $2,202.00
Bake Sale
Bake Sale Proceeds  $186.00
Total Donations/Proceeds  $2,388.00
Printing, Color Copies  $(15.00)
Programs ($64.33 donated by members)  no charge
Concert Favors ($26.17 donated by members)  no charge
Bake Sale Items (? donated by members)  no charge
Total Net Proceeds  $2,373.00
Japan Benefits (c/o Japanese Baptist Church)  $1,286.50
Food Bank (c/o Our Saviors Lutheran Church)  $1,086.50

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