Benefit Concert at JBC – 11/2/2012

Part 1: Inscription of Hope, Adagio by Natalie (Violin) and John (Piano) and Earth Song and Inscription of Hope. Part 2: I Believe in the Sun, Sakura, Moldau, Afternoon on a Hill and Sukiyaki. Part 3: I Believe in Love, Itsuki no Komori Uta, Hanasaku Hibini, Bist Du Bei Mir, Makenaide and Mae e. Part 4: I Believe in God, Song from a Secret Garden by Nstalie (Violin) and John (Piano) and  Ave Maria, Kojo no Tsuki, How Can I Keep From Singing and Ose Shalom. Part 5: There Is Always a Way, Itsumo Nando Demo by Masako and Believe, Wings to Fly and Inscription of Hope.

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