Performance at Seattle Sings, Choral Festival on Oct. 10th 2019 at Seattle First Baptist Church

” Kimi wo nosete” “Tegami” “365 Nichi no Kami Hikohki” ” Just be Happy”

Performance at the Japan Fair @ the Meydenbauer center in Bellevue on June 29th 2019

“Kimio nosete” “Tegami” “Just be happy” “Nanatsunoko” “365 no kamihikouki”

Keiro North West and Nikkei manor performance on May 18th 2019

“Sakura” ” Zui Zui Zukkorobashi” “Hallelujah” “Nanatsunoko” “Over the rainbow” ” Just be happy” “Ave Maria” “Chatsumi” “Tokyo Ondo”

Seattle Japanese Chorus Festival March 10 @ Bellevue Childre’s academy, joint concert

“Tegami” “Sakura” “Just be happy” “Horane” “Kyounohiha Sayonara” (joint)

ANNUAL CONCERT – 11/10/2018

PART ONE – “Shika no yoni (As the Deer)”, “Hallelujah”,”Cosmos”, “Imagine”, “Kokoro no Hitomi”, “Galaxy Express 999”, “Just Be Happy”. PART TWO – Wadaiko Drums performance by Taiko Sisters, “Tshotsholoza”, “Ruro no Tami”, “Sekai ni Hitotsudakeno Hana”, “Sound of Music … Continue reading

Hearthstone – 10/14/2018

We performed “Shika no yoni”, “Hellelujah”, “Cosmos”, “Imagine”, “Kokoro no Hitomi”, “Just Be Happy”, “Tshotsholoza”, “Rurou no Tami”, “Sound of Music Medley – Sound of Music ~ My Favorite Things ~ Edelweiss ~ Lonely Goatherd ~ Do-Re-Mi”.


We performed “Kojo no Tsuki” “Shimauta” “Tshotsholoza” “Imagine” and ” Laudate Dominum”


We performed “Just Be Happy” “Kojo no Tsuki” “Toryanse” “Edo no Komoriuta” “Zui Zui” “Tshotsholoza” “Shimauta” “Sound of Music”.

Annual Concert – 10/28/2017

We performed  ~ Part 1~ “Kojo no Tsuki”, “Toryanse”, “Edo no Komoriuta”, “Zui Zui Zukkorobashi”, “Hakonehachiri (by EGC)”, “Haruni”, “Itusdemo Darekaga”, and “Shimauta” ~ Part 2~ “Get on Board in the Morning”, “Ose Shalom”, “You Raise Me Up”, “Sekaino Yakusoku”, … Continue reading

Seattle Sings – 10/13/2017

We sang “Kojo no Tsuki”, “Zui Zui Zukkorobashi”, “Shimauta” and “Let It Go”.

Seattle Keiro & Nikkei Manor – 6/3/2017

We sang “Let It Go”, “Sekai no Yakusoku”, “Toryanse”, “Edo no Komoriuta”, “Kojo no Tsuki”, “Ose Shalom”, “Sing” and “Shiawasenara Teotatako”.

SAKURA CON – 4/16/2017

We performed “Sanpo1”, “Sekai no Yakusoku”, “Totoro”, “Let It Go”, “Tegami”, “Sanpo2”


We performed “Soran Bushi”, “Sekai no Yakusoku”, “Tegami”, ” O Siem”


PART ONE – “How Can I Keep From Singing?” “Nagasakiwa Kyomo Amedatta” “Laudate Doninum” “Azure” “O Siem” “Tegami” PART TWO – “Adagio Molto Presto/Sonata for Piano Four-Hands”/Piano performance by Chris Vincent and Kaori Sakuma, “Hine Ma Tov” “Miyazaki Medley” “Rainbow” … Continue reading

JAPAN FAIR – 9/3/2016

We performed “Soranbushi”, “How Can I Keep From Singing”, “Kitagunino Haru” and “Miyazaki Medley”.


We performed “Soranbushi”, “How Can I Keep From Singing”, “Kitagunino Haru” and “Miyazaki Medley”.


We performed “Niji” and “O Siem”


We performed “Sakura” “Tinsagunu Hana” “Kitaguni no Haru” “Soran Bushi” “Niji” “Miyazaki Medley ~ Sanpo ~ Ponyo ~ Sekaino Yakusoku” “Tiny Bubbles” Friendship”


We performed “Sakura” “Tinsagunu Hana” and “Friendship”.


“New Beginnings” with guest Shakuhachi player, Larry Tyrrell. Part 1:Sakura Sakura, Furusato, Tinsagu nu Hana, Kitaguni no Haru, Autumn Light (Shakuhachi solo) by Larry Tyrrell, You Are the New Day, Zion’s Walls, Daichi Sanshou Part 2: Wadaiko Drums performance by … Continue reading

SEATTLE SINGS – 10/8/2015

We performed “Sakura” “You’re the New Day” “Hatenai Sora” “Uewo Muite Aruko”


We sung “Kitaguni no Haru”, “You’re the New Day” and “Uewo Muite Aruko”

Green Lake Lantern Festival – 8/6/2015

We performed “Sen no Kaze ni Natte” “You Are the New Day” “Uewo Muite Aruko” “If Wishes Had Wings”


We sang Kira Kira Boshi, Tanabata Song and Hoshi ni Negaiwo.

McDonald Elementary School International Night – 5/16/2015

We sang Nanatsu no Ko, Furusato ~ Koinobori ~ Chatsumi, Kimiwo Nosete, Uewo Muite Aruko and Totoro.


We visited Seattle Keiro and Nikkei Manor to sing “Sing””,Fususatono Shiki”, “Sakura”, “Tinsagunu Hana”, Old children’s songs with Koto performance, “Uewo Muite Aruko” and “When You’re Smiling”.

Coming of Age at EvCC 1/24/2015

This is the 6th year that we have joined together with Everett Community College to celebrate the “Coming of Age” ceremony.  We enjoyed being a part of this wonderful event.  This year we sang: Cosmos, When You’re Smiling and Believe … Continue reading

Annual Concert “Kizuna” with Silk Strings at Trinity Lutheran Church 11/15/2014

Sing A Part of Me ~ Totoro ~ Tanchame ~ Wondrous Love Distant Love ~ Cosmos ~ Hana wa Saku

Aki Matsuri Festival at Bellevue College – 9/7/2014

We sang Believe, Tanchame, Mura Matsuri, Hanamizuki, Totori, Kimi wo Nosete, Cosmos and Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mouichido.

Night of Performing Arts Concert – 5/17/2014

We sang Tanchame and When You’re Smiling.

Chorus of Hope – 3/9/2014

Hana wa Saku and You Raise Me Up.

Nikkei Manor and Seattle Keiro – 2/9/2014

We sang Sukiyaki, Nanatsu no Ko, Sakura, Tanchame, Furusato, Du Con(Etsuko-san), Hana wa Saku, Makenaide, Yesterday, Singin’ in the Rain and When You’re Smiling.

Coming of Age Ceremony – 1/25/2014

We sang Makenaide, Kimi o Nosete and When You’re Smiling.

Annual Concert and Silent Auction at Trinity Lutheran Church – 11/16/2013

We sang Monster Song, Nanatsu no Ko, Kimi o Nosete, Sekai no Yakusoku (Fumi-san), Hana wa Saku, Fly Me to the Moon, Yesterday, Singin’ in the Rain, Buchi Awase Taiko by Taiko Sisters, Tanchame, Itsuki no Komori Uta, Du Con(Etsuko-san), … Continue reading

The Beatles Sing along Concert at Whidbey – 10/19/2013

We sang Yesterday, Hana wa Saku, When You,re Smiling, Sakura, Tanchame and Kimi o Nosete.

Chorus of Hope 合唱交流演奏会 (with the Phoenix club) at Keiro – 8/19/2013

We sang Sakura, Itsuki no Komori Uta, Tanchame, Ue o Muite Aruko and Hana wa Saku.

Tanabata at Lynnwood Library “Story Time” – 7/5/2013

We sang Tanabata no Uta, Kira Kira Boshi, Kaeru no Uta and Kimi o Nosete.

ECM dinner meeting at Eagle 5/30/2013

We sang Ue o Muite Aruko, Kimi o Nosete, Makenaide, Sakura, Itsuki no Komori Uta, Nanatsu no Ko, Kagome Kagome, Taiko performance by Taiko Sisters, Tanchame and Hana wa Saku.

Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center – 4/27/2013

We sang Ue o muite aruko, Kimi o Nosete, Sakura, Hana wa Saku and Makenaide.

Shout out to Japan – Chorus of Hope at Seattle Center – 3/10/2013

We sang Hana wa Saku

Coming of Age Ceremony – 1/19/2013

We sang Believe, Sakura and Makenaide.

Benefit Concert at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church – 11/3/2012

Benefit Concert at JBC – 11/2/2012

Part 1: Inscription of Hope, Adagio by Natalie (Violin) and John (Piano) and Earth Song and Inscription of Hope. Part 2: I Believe in the Sun, Sakura, Moldau, Afternoon on a Hill and Sukiyaki. Part 3: I Believe in Love, Itsuki … Continue reading

Tilth Farmer’s Market – 10/14/2012

We sang Ave Maria, Sukiyaki, Kojo no Tsuki and Hanasaku hibini

Lynnwood library “Tanabata” storytime – 7/6/12

This “Tanabata” storytime event was held at Lynnwood library on July 6. We were invited to come sing some Japanese children’s songs for Tanabata. We had so much fun celebrating “Tanabata” through singing songs and listening to a tanabata story … Continue reading

Northwest Language Academy – 6/23/12

Our 4th trip to Whidbey was fun and a good experience.  Riches of Japan event was held at the NWLA Cultural center, which was surrounded by the beautiful nature in Langley. There were Kimonos, Japanese quilts and fiber arts displayed at … Continue reading

Japan Memorial & We Are One Concert – 3/24/12

It was a privilege for us to be a part of this event at Trinity Lutheran Church on March 24, 2012. This was the 4th concert organized by Whidbey Japan Benefit.

Songs of Hope (Japan Benefit Concert) – 3/11/12

March 11, 2012 was the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that caused so much damage in Japan. We have a continuing desire to help those who were impacted. We try to do what we can to … Continue reading

Japan Culture Night – 1/28/12

It was a very fun experience for us to perform in this event at LDS Church in Mountlake Terrace. Okinawa Kenjin Club invited us to perform and there were about 350 people in attendance.

Coming of Age Ceremony – 1/21/12

This is the 3rd year that we have joined together with Everett Community College to celebrate the “Coming of Age” ceremony. We enjoyed being a part of this wonderful event. This year we sang: Daichi Sansho Believe Hamabe no Uta … Continue reading

Japan Benefit Event – 10/1/11

It was a lovely day at Tahoma Zen Monestary in Whidbey Island. Delicious vegetarian food, Michiko-san’s wonderful presentation, beautiful concert and calming sitting meditation. We enjoyed being there. Thank you, Rumi-san for leading this wonderful event with your energy and … Continue reading

Moon Viewing Festival – 8/13/11

It was a special event for us to perform at the Seattle Japanese Garden. We experienced a beautiful and romantic evening wearing beautiful yukata sorrounded by lanterns, luminaries and floating boats in the pond.

Japan Whidbey Island Benefit Event – 4/16/11

It was such a wonderful event in a beautiful place in Whidbey Island. We were able to paticipate and support this event. We enjoyed singing “Ano Subarashii Ai wo Moichido”, “Now I walk in Beauty”,”Nanatsu no Ko”,”Muramatsuri” and “Watashi ni … Continue reading

Cherry Blossom Festival – 4/2/11

This was our first experience in Cherry Blossom Festival at the Seattle Center. We had a lot of fun as a Japanese mixed chorus. The festival is the Seattle Center’s celebration of the long-running friendship between Seattle and Japan. We … Continue reading

Coming of Age Ceremony – 1/22/11

This is the 2nd year that we have joined together with Everett Community College to celebrate the “Coming of Age” ceremony. We were able to celebrate our member Sara’s coming of age ceremony. I remember she was so beautiful with … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Concert – 11/13/10

This Thanksgiving concert was a collaberation between Sound Singers and Echo Chorus at Our Saviors Lutheran Church. The program was presented and in four brief segments: Spirit – World – Dreams – Hometown. Our performance began with “Now I Walk … Continue reading

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