1. Build friendship among Japanese, Japanese-Americans and others who are interested in Japan.
  2. Perform at least twice annually and contribute to local communities.
  3. Through Japanese songs rediscover the virtues of Japanese culture; and through other songs deepen our understanding of other cultures.
  4. Experience the joy of singing every day.


A healthy social community is a community where we feel everyone’s virtue.

  • We aspire to build a community where not just a few members excel but each feels a sense of purpose and belonging. Just being a part of the choir lets us enjoy your spirit. If you want to participate even more then there are plenty of opportunities for sharing your talents and expertise! Our first step is to get to know each other.

We pride ourselves in being able to “sing with feeling” at our concerts.

  • Our ultimate goal is to have the audience understand the intent of the song: its meaning and heart. To accomplish this we try to sing from memory for our audience who graciously shares their time with us.

Sound Singers are Japanese cultural ambassadors

  • Why do the majority of us have the destiny to live far from our homeland, Japan? That is perhaps partly because we all have a mission to share our Japanese culture with others. Sound Singers is the only Japanese mixed choir group (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) in the northern part of Puget Sound. We have a mission to share authentic Japanese culture to local communities.
  • Let us work at each rehearsal, envisioning ourselves representing Japan and giving a good impression to local people about Japan. Also let us open our gate wide as a chorus group to others and create a cordial warm atmosphere for them!

We are eco–friendly

  • We use the blog community to consume less paper and CDs as our eco-friendly effort. We encourage carpooling to the rehearsal place. We continually seek other ways to promote this.

We respect copyrights law

  • As long as a sheet music is available commercially, Sound Singers always purchases the music according to copyright law. We may sing some music for which the copyright has expired, in which case are free to make copies.

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